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Corrie Ten Boom on Forgiveness

Renowned Christian evangelist Corrie Ten Boom once met a former guard of the concentration camp Ravensbruck–where she had been held:

“It was 1947, and I’d come from Holland to defeated Germany with the message that God forgives. It was the truth that they needed most to hear in that bitter, bombed-out land, and I gave them my favorite mental picture. Maybe because the sea is never far from a Hollander’s mind, I liked to think that that’s where forgiven sins were thrown.


Syria Summarized

The more I think about the Syria chemical weapons attacks, the more I am convinced that only one word really captures the essence of the situation: “wedontknowwhodidit.”

Jake Tapper Doesn’t Know; Nobody Knows

Earlier, I spent about an hour looking over the CNN website, with one goal in mind–determine the facts of the 21 August chemical weapons attack in Syria. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing that I can find which convinces me that the attacks were ordered by Assad. Jake Tapper presented some of the videos of the victims which are apparently being presented to Congress by the White House, but admits multiple times during his report, that they videos, while disturbing, are not evidence of the Syrian government’s involvement.


What Will Happen in Syria?

The contemporary wisdom is that most Americans are opposed to any new wars, including the bombing of Syria’s chemical weapons facilities. Generally speaking, I am with them. Enough of mucking around in the Middle East.  But I think it’s overly simple to be “pro-intervention” or “nonintervention.”

Ultimately, we don’t really have any true friends in the Middle East, Israel notwithstanding.   (Continued)

Black Names

It occurs to me that when blacks give their kids such preposterous names, that a philosophical statement is being made. Before I go into that, I have to consider how I named my own children. One of our boys was named after me, and the other was named after a relative of my wife’s. Our daughter was given a standard Christian name from the Bible. The names of our children reflect a respect for those that have preceded us, and a continuity with a larger culture that came before us. All three of my children have names which originate in the middle ages or even before, in Biblical times. Their very names bespeak an embracing of Western civilization, and its historical character. And the historical character of the West has long been grounded in the belief that God is real, that He is knowable, and that He has made Himself known in history, in the person of Jesus Christ.  And this is the heritage, this is the Living Truth that I would like to pass on to my children.

What deeper truths are being passed on to her child by the mother of a Kanthony? Or a Dartravious? Or a RaShawn, DaQuan, or Trayvon?


The Radiant Nature of Goodness



The overwhelming sensation one gets when reading The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom is that of goodness. It is her autobiographical account of her early life and her experience of the holocaust and Nazi Germany. She, her father, sister, and brothers were placed into prison, then into concentration camps after they were discovered helping Jews escape from occupied Holland. The following except is inside the front cover over the paperback edition (pictured above):

“Would you be willing to take a Jewish mother and her baby into your home?”


Male Pronouns

At this website, when discussing something in the abstract, I will use entirely male pronouns for simplicity’s sake. For example, in the below post, I discuss the views of a liberal, and refer to the abstract person entirely with he/him/his. Obviously, if I am discussing a particular woman, or discussing a specifically female issue, I will use female pronouns. But while dealing in the abstract with issues that are not gender-specific, I will stick with male pronouns only.

Brenda writes:

I thank you for this. Backing & forthing between he/she & him/her all the time can get to be so tedious for the reader. No matter what has become politically correct, I still believe that most people understand that, in standard English, “he” is gender-neutral, while “she” is gender-specific.

WI responds:

I agree. Brenda nicely summarizes much of my intent with this practice.

Liberalism, as I Understand It:

A liberal friend of mine summarizes his views like this:

Each person has inherent dignity and rights, and our group life should reflect this, and the particularities of each person’s make-up, including his race, his sexual orientation, his abilities, should be not only respected but should be celebrated and enjoyed by the larger collective, certainly as far as it involves our government.  Of course, this applies to each individual only as far as they cause no harm and are not malevolent toward other people.

Moreover, if everyone adopted the above statement and incorporated it into their everyday morality, (Continued)

Tebow Released


New York Giants v New England Patriots


Bill Belichick has a right do do what he feels best for his team. But if I were him, I would keep Tebow.

Why is this? The simple answer is this: Tebow is a winner. He is a winner is every way that matters, none of which include W’s in the NFL. But, incidentally, he has a way of accruing those as well.


What Did Obama Just Say?


obama syria


President Obama just announced that 1. we should take action against Syria in response to chemical weapons attacks recently carried out against their own people and that 2. he will ask Congress first.

Which brings up the question: what if Congress says, “No?”

It’s hard to see how his announcement means anything other than, “We should attack Syria and use tomahawk missiles to take out their chemical munitions.  And we might.”


On Bravery: The Alamo


I watched the classic John Wayne film The Alamo earlier.  There’s something noble and edifying about John Wayne movies.  In the scene above, one of the soldier’s wives insists that her husband stays and fights, even though his death will be harder for her to bear than most women–she is blind.  And he stays.


The Nihilism of Henry Rollins

Back in college I had a friend who was an atheist.  He was a quiet sort of guy, always ironical, hesitant, never taking much of a stand.  He wasn’t a confrontational or unpleasant fellow, but he would never really engage, and when it became clear that you felt strongly about something, he would always point out the other side.  If I was outraged by the scourge of abortion, he would mildly comment on “a woman’s right to her body.”  If I mentioned I felt bad for the homeless guys milling about across the highway, he would say that they’re largely there by choice.  When I said a particular professor’s grading scheme was B.S. he would point out that it had been that way for 15 years.  In short, he was a hollow sort of fellow, never seemed to stand for much, more-or-less a debunker.  I think he got into role playing games and eventually started walking around campus wearing a cape.  He majored in some sort of computer discipline.


On Goodness: Now that I’ve Held Him in my Arms

I have always found the below video very evocative.  The gentle melody seems perfectly to capture to spirit of Simeon, as he emotionally meets the Savior.  The best part, and I think the core of the video, is where he sinks to his knees, overcome with emotion, the baby’s foot slightly blurry in the foreground.  It is a combination of picture from the Jesus of Nazareth TV miniseries and the song of the same name (as the video) by Michael Card.


The Terror of Divorce (for Children), and Understanding the Love of God:

A while back I wrote the following in a draft to Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife.  Her article that day had been regarding divorce, and the transmission of the Christian faith.  I don’t think I ever sent it to her.

Dear Mrs. Wood,

There is another aspect to divorce that I think must be addressed.  I am not from a “broken family”.  To the contrary, I was very blessed to have two wonderful, gracious, disciplined, principled and loving parents–under the same roof.

I think that chief among the evils that make up divorce, is that the fact that divorce takes from a child the security of home. In order to have a home, there must be rules, written and unwritten, which define the relationships between the members.  And in traditional homes, the main rule (usually unspoken) is that everyone will love one another (even if they fight at times) and that in the end, harmony must prevail.  The children know that Daddy loves Mommy, and vice-versa, and that Daddy and Mommy both love them.  And because this is true, they know that they must love each other too.  These things are, always have been, and always will be non-negotiable.


Pat Buchanon Openly States That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Said:

I haven’t read enough of Pat Buchanon’s works to know how much I ultimately agree with him, but he makes a valuable point, one which is utterly neglected in the mainstream press.


For Those Still in Doubt about our World’s Moral Crisis:

There are stories so strange that you can only laugh.  I’m sure there’s a serious moral point to be made, but I can’t bring myself to do it.  From the realm of urology comes a story so bizarre that I can only shudder.  Essentially, a 70 year old Australian pensioner, as part of a sex act, inserted a 4-inch fork into his urethra.  A friend of mine who is a urologist posted the link to his Facebook account with the comment: “Solid.”

As to the Purpose of this Site:

The purpose of this website is to be a voice of opposition to the lies of the modern age.

Much of modern life is predicated on lies.  These lies sometimes fall along the lines of the struggle commonly referred to as the culture wars, but just as often, the lies which obstruct, confuse and misguide us are even more invidious.  Common lies which have gained tremendous traction include:

*  Fulfillment is found in people, things, or circumstances

*  Meaningful differences do not exist between the sexes, races, and classes

*  What a person thinks, or does in the privacy of his own home, is his affair alone