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Crummy Journalism

  I often remark to friends of mine that “journalism is dead”. The front page over at Fox News has a story about a new FDA drug to treat high cholesterol. The story appears to be drawn from Associated Press reporting, and notes that the drug is not a statin drug, which is the most […]


On this blog, I will refer to all ‘transgendered’ individuals using the pronoun which matches the sex they were born with. This is a general rule; however, there are exceptions. The exceptions are those truly rare individuals who are born as hermaphrodites–where the birth gender was initially in question. The other exception would be androgen […]

Super Bowl 49 Notes and Commercials

The following is a smattering of musings that occurred to me as I watched the game, including four hours of the pre-game show. As I turned on the game, the first thing that greeted me was: Johnny Weir.  Strange, strange, strange, that such a flamboyant homosexual would be asked to host various segments of an […]

On Taking Sides

  It occurs to me this morning that term “conservatism” could also simply be: “traditional Biblical wisdom.” And so if we find a person who is not a “conservative,” we have found a person who does not ascribe value to the Bible, or to Biblical wisdom. The practical upshot of this is that we find […]

Some thoughts on homosexuality

The liberal person says: “I have an intuition that love should always be celebrated. And a love between two men, or two women should be celebrated.  Love, not gender, is what matters.” The conservative person says: “I have an intuition that men and women are innately different, and that this complementarity is reflective of a […]

G.K. Chesterton on Thomas Aquinas, on Revelation:

What follows is a quote from G.K. Chesterton discussing Saint Thomas Aquinas’s argument for Revelation–the miraculous presentation of Divine Truths: Or again, his argument for Revelation is quite rationalistic; and on the other side, decidedly democratic and popular. His argument for Revelation is not in the least an argument against Reason. On the contrary, he seems […]

Saving Mr. Banks

  Yesterday evening I watched one of the best movies I have seen in a long while. On a whim, I kept a notebook with me and wrote down thoughts about the movie as it played. The (true) story is about an aging English spinster, P.L. Travers, working with Walt Disney in the 1960’s to […]

Common Sense on Donald Sterling

Well, of course Donald Sterling is an idiot! He was telling his half-black, half-Mexican girlfriend(?) not to associate with minorities publicly–does analysis need to go much beyond that? B-b-but, aren’t you going to fixate on making sure we know he’s a racist? But a few points nevertheless need to be made, a few things need […]

Benghazi . . . and the Death of Truth

  I’ve been away for a while–my family has been moving.  I’ll try to get back online more frequently. Benghazi is a terrible, terrible mess.  But the greatest casualty is not four poor Americans who were killed by Muslim madmen.  The greatest casualty in this whole mess is the truth.  What bodes poorly for our […]

Forever Racist

New Yorker of Indian heritage wins Miss America pageant on a platform of “Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency;” CNN makes sure–with a front page headline–that we all know that we’re still racist. When did a “platform” become part of the Miss America pageant, anyway? Additionally, Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife has an excellent article […]

Corrie Ten Boom’s Father on Sexual Sin

The book The Hiding Place has many memorable passages. One that I particularly like is Corrie Ten Boom’s account of her father’s response when she, at about ten years old, asked him what sex-sin was: “I asked Father about a poem we had read at school the winter before. One line had described ‘a young […]

“God Has Spoken”

Occasionally you will hear Christians refer to the works of God like so: “God has spoken,” “God has ordained,” or “God has worked.”  There is a mystical quality to the phraseology. I used to have an atheist friend who hated it. He thought it was an affectation. “It just sounds so put-on,” he would tell […]

Syria Summarized

The more I think about the Syria chemical weapons attacks, the more I am convinced that only one word really captures the essence of the situation: “wedontknowwhodidit.”

Tebow Released

    Bill Belichick has a right do do what he feels best for his team. But if I were him, I would keep Tebow. Why is this? The simple answer is this: Tebow is a winner. He is a winner is every way that matters, none of which include W’s in the NFL. But, […]

What Did Obama Just Say?

    President Obama just announced that 1. we should take action against Syria in response to chemical weapons attacks recently carried out against their own people and that 2. he will ask Congress first. Which brings up the question: what if Congress says, “No?” It’s hard to see how his announcement means anything other […]

On Bravery: The Alamo

  I watched the classic John Wayne film The Alamo earlier.  There’s something noble and edifying about John Wayne movies.  In the scene above, one of the soldier’s wives insists that her husband stays and fights, even though his death will be harder for her to bear than most women–she is blind.  And he stays.

As to the Purpose of this Site:

The purpose of this website is to be a voice of opposition to the lies of the modern age. Much of modern life is predicated on lies.  These lies sometimes fall along the lines of the struggle commonly referred to as the culture wars, but just as often, the lies which obstruct, confuse and misguide us […]