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With all the national focus on Colorado and the recent decriminalization of marijuana, I thought that someone should state the obvious: The legalization of weed is a loser’s issue. Of course I don’t mean that everyone who has an opinion on the issue is a loser

The Nihilism of Henry Rollins

Back in college I had a friend who was an atheist.  He was a quiet sort of guy, always ironical, hesitant, never taking much of a stand.  He wasn’t a confrontational or unpleasant fellow, but he would never really engage, and when it became clear that you felt strongly about something, he would always point […]

For Those Still in Doubt about our World’s Moral Crisis:

There are stories so strange that you can only laugh.  I’m sure there’s a serious moral point to be made, but I can’t bring myself to do it.  From the realm of urology comes a story so bizarre that I can only shudder.  Essentially, a 70 year old Australian pensioner, as part of a sex act, […]

As to the Purpose of this Site:

The purpose of this website is to be a voice of opposition to the lies of the modern age. Much of modern life is predicated on lies.  These lies sometimes fall along the lines of the struggle commonly referred to as the culture wars, but just as often, the lies which obstruct, confuse and misguide us […]