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Category Archives: God’s Goodness

The Conversion of C.S. Lewis

Excerpts from the chapter “Checkmate” in C.S. Lewis’s spiritual autobiography Surprised by Joy: “And there I made  new friend. The very first words he spoke marked him out from the ten or twelve others who were present; a man after my own heart, and that too at an age when the instantaneous friendships of youth […]

Corrie Ten Boom on Forgiveness

Renowned Christian evangelist Corrie Ten Boom once met a former guard of the concentration camp Ravensbruck–where she had been held: “It was 1947, and I’d come from Holland to defeated Germany with the message that God forgives. It was the truth that they needed most to hear in that bitter, bombed-out land, and I gave […]

The Radiant Nature of Goodness

  The overwhelming sensation one gets when reading The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom is that of goodness. It is her autobiographical account of her early life and her experience of the holocaust and Nazi Germany. She, her father, sister, and brothers were placed into prison, then into concentration camps after they were discovered […]

On Goodness: Now that I’ve Held Him in my Arms

I have always found the below video very evocative.  The gentle melody seems perfectly to capture to spirit of Simeon, as he emotionally meets the Savior.  The best part, and I think the core of the video, is where he sinks to his knees, overcome with emotion, the baby’s foot slightly blurry in the foreground. […]

The Terror of Divorce (for Children), and Understanding the Love of God:

A while back I wrote the following in a draft to Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife.  Her article that day had been regarding divorce, and the transmission of the Christian faith.  I don’t think I ever sent it to her. Dear Mrs. Wood, There is another aspect to divorce that I think must be […]

As to the Purpose of this Site:

The purpose of this website is to be a voice of opposition to the lies of the modern age. Much of modern life is predicated on lies.  These lies sometimes fall along the lines of the struggle commonly referred to as the culture wars, but just as often, the lies which obstruct, confuse and misguide us […]