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Category Archives: Feminism

Tricked Into Abortion: Liberal Dilemma

A woman in Florida was tricked into taking an abortion pill by her boyfriend–see the CNN video report here. The difficult question for liberals to answer is this: on what grounds is this wrong? –

Male Pronouns

At this website, when discussing something in the abstract, I will use entirely male pronouns for simplicity’s sake. For example, in the below post, I discuss the views of a liberal, and refer to the abstract person entirely with he/him/his. Obviously, if I am discussing a particular woman, or discussing a specifically female issue, I […]

As to the Purpose of this Site:

The purpose of this website is to be a voice of opposition to the lies of the modern age. Much of modern life is predicated on lies. ┬áThese lies sometimes fall along the lines of the struggle commonly referred to as┬áthe culture wars, but just as often, the lies which obstruct, confuse and misguide us […]