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About Big Truth


The purpose of this site is to counter this lies which permeate our world from every angle. The genesis of this idea came from a variety of sources.  Over the past eight or nine years, almost daily, I have read the website of the late Lawrence Auster, which was instrumental in forming my views on many of the topics which are at play our culture. Lawrence Auster’s stated purpose was to comment on the passing scene from the traditionalist, politically incorrect right. With this site, I hope to serve in a similar vein, but the angle I take is not only to address lies, but to exposit the truths as well. In college I read C.S. Lewis extensively. Among the many things I learned from him was this: good is primary; evil is derivative. And so my reason in starting this site is–yes–to counter the lies, mainly of the left, in our modern culture. But, equally, I hope as we examine the lies, to point them out as such, and to discover daily the larger, brighter, clearer reality they are trying so hard to ignore.