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Super Bowl 49 Notes and Commercials

SuperBowl 49

The following is a smattering of musings that occurred to me as I watched the game, including four hours of the pre-game show.

As I turned on the game, the first thing that greeted me was: Johnny Weir.  Strange, strange, strange, that such a flamboyant homosexual would be asked to host various segments of an NFL pregame show. What possible appeal could this guy have for the football-watching audience?


weir 1

weir 2

weir 5


The answer, of course, is: none. But he’s not being featured because there is a driving market force, red-blooded football fans clamoring for more segments on fashion hosted by flamboyant homosexuals. He’s being featured because liberalism is the governing philosophy of our civilization. And even at an event in which homosexuality has no apparent relevance–it must be featured. As Mr. Weir and his co-anchor approached the media day hubbub, he said breathily, “look at all those…men.”

I’ve thought for some time that no matter what somebody thinks about homosexuality as a moral issues, that the affection taken by many homosexual men is unnatural. There’s a sort of faux-femininity about it, but the lilting intonations, the coyness, the tendency to end declarative statement with an interrogative tonal rise, the interest in “fashion”–all of these strike me as over the top, as a sort of unnatural hyper-femininity which many very effeminate actual women manage to avoid entirely. The true feminine characteristics: modesty, gentleness, kindness–these only seem to be present by accident.


I also noted that as the players entered the stadium, headed for the locker room, nearly all of them were wearing Beats By Dre headphones. While this behavior–walking through a public space with obvious headphones on–has become very common these days, especially with blacks, it is disappointing to see such a large percentage of the players wearing them. I wonder if they know how stupid they look? About 90% of the players are wearing them, including a few of the luminaries:

-Tom Brady (also wearing a suit)
-Russell Wilson
-Darrell Revis
-Rob Gronkowski
-Richard Sherman
-Julian Edelmann
-Marshawn Lynch (bright chrome gold colored headphones)

My guess is that there is some sort of endorsement deal doing on–that each player received the headphones free, plus maybe $10,000 each?



I made a brief note about each commercial as it came on, from about four hours prior to game time until about ten minutes from the end (actual time, not clock time.) I will post the list I made as I watched. Refreshingly, the tiresome TV trope of “dumb white guy with intelligent black friend” was less obvious this year than in previous years. Federal Express has relied on this as a standard of their marketing efforts for the past several years.

–I will post these soon.