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What is True Islam?


Whenever a terrorist attack occurs, you can be absolutely sure that there will be a Muslim behind it.

That’s racist!

Okay, let’s try again. ¬†Whenever a terrorist attack occurs, you can be 99% sure that there will be a Muslim behind it.

… still kinda racist…

And the Islamic apologist will quickly jump to the defense of his religion, “Well, you see, these people are radicals. This is not True Islam.”

But have we considered: what is True Islam?

To the Muslim, True Islam is simply the set of beliefs which he associates with the word “Islam.” But as people are different, so are the various versions of True Islam.

To the modern man, to whom all things are true and all things are false, True Islam is the set of beliefs held by a subset of people who call themselves Muslims, specifically that subset which most resemble the modern man. Generally, this is the Islam practiced by television Muslims, such as you might see on a sit-com, and doesn’t involve honor killings, jihad, dhimmi, the subjection and commodification of women or beheadings. Certainly it makes no reference to the widespread violence associated with Islam.

But to the Christian, to the traditionalist, the very idea of True Islam is a contradiction-in-terms. Islam is false, and therefore there is no such thing as True Islam. We can pursue defining True Christianity, which is theoretically possible. There is such a thing as True Christianity because Christianity is true. By it–by True Christianity–we mean the set of statements about God and His nature which He intends for us to know, and by which to live. To live as a true Christian is to live in perfect accord with the will of God.

However, what it means to live as a True Muslim is inherently more subjective. Therefore, there is no point is discussing or arguing about which faction of Muslims, the violent or the non-violent, best represent this nonsense-concept of True Islam. Consequently we have to approach self-denoted Muslims the same way we have to approach all groups. This means identifying behaviors and cultural characteristics which are common among them, and deciding whether, taken as a whole, we want to be around them at all. And from this point of view it is clear: to accept the multicultural model is to accept Muslims, and to accept Muslims is to accept violence, and at times terrible violence.

The parallel to this is found in black-white relations in the United States. The cause of white flight from the major cities is not a general hatred of blacks. It is the simplest thing in the world, the common sense of individual white people who chose to distance themselves from blacks, precisely because they realize that to be around large numbers of blacks is to expose themselves and their families to disproportionately high violence and incivility.