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Some thoughts on homosexuality

The liberal person says: “I have an intuition that love should always be celebrated. And a love between two men, or two women should be celebrated. ┬áLove, not gender, is what matters.”

The conservative person says: “I have an intuition that men and women are innately different, and that this complementarity is reflective of a higher order. My intuition tells me that men romancing men, or women romancing women, is wrong–precisely because it denies this natural order.”

What are we to do with these dueling intuitions?

And so, in theory, this is the debate. One side screams, “This is MY intuition!” And the other replies, “No! This is MY intuition! (At least, that is how things could work in theory. In reality, the liberal side marches through the streets with rainbow flags, gushing out frothy, passion filled epithets denoucing ‘hatred’ and ‘intolerance’, while the conservatives keep quiet, so that they don’t lose their jobs or go to prison.)

But what interests me is the debate itself. Both sides have an intuition. Both intuitions are genuinely felt. But clearly, at least one of them must be wrong. How do we know which one is wrong?