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Common Sense on Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

Well, of course Donald Sterling is an idiot! He was telling his half-black, half-Mexican girlfriend(?) not to associate with minorities publicly–does analysis need to go much beyond that?

B-b-but, aren’t you going to fixate on making sure we know he’s a racist?

But a few points nevertheless need to be made, a few things need to be said:

1. Donald Sterling’s comments, while offensive, were entirely harmless. Does anyone really think that they are the opening salvo to oppression of the black race? Were they even hateful? I suppose that depends on how you define ‘hate.’ He clearly comes from an older system where racial separation was more the norm than it is today, and finds public displays of interracial affection offensive–is that hate?

2. Daily–and probably today–Bill Maher says things that are a thousand times more hate-filled and vitriolic than anything Donald Sterling said. But he targets Christian conservatives and the historic white American majority.

3. So clearly the issue, and the outrage, is not about ‘hate’ per se, but rather a larger ideology. The real source of all the outrage against Donald Sterling, and the reason for the overwrought (but entirely predictable) banning from the NBA–is that he gave the barest suggestion that one of the cardinal doctrines of modern liberalism–the radical equality of the races, especially the black race–is not true.

4. The truth, of course, is that the only sense in which the races are equal is in terms of innate dignity–which comes from God.

You’re a racist!

 – end -

WI writes: 

Shane Kastler has an interesting take as well.

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