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With all the national focus on Colorado and the recent decriminalization of marijuana, I thought that someone should state the obvious:

The legalization of weed is a loser’s issue.

Of course I don’t mean that everyone who has an opinion on the issue is a loser, but rather than the reason the law has changed, the reason weed is now legal in Colorado, is because the losers have spoken. Where prior generations defeated the nazis, or confronted communism, or fought the British for our liberty, many thousands, and even millions of people today have devoted untold resources, money and (most importantly) intellectual energy to ensure . . . another legal way to get high.

The proponents of legalization point out the parallels to alcohol, and we’re hard-pressed to make the argument–the parallels are inarguable. There’s no question that alcohol is at least as destructive as pot. But our culture is not better off for the legalization. The liberal or the libertarian rejoices because they perceive that we’re ordering our laws in a more consistent manner, but miss the larger point that the argument itself, the effort itself, is the product of a sick culture. The traditionalist, while not able to parse the difference between alcohol and weed exactly, nonetheless recognizes that a culture where such energy is expended to decriminalize an intoxicant, is a sick culture, a culture where larger goals, larger measures of meaning, have been abandoned.

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