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Absurdities Abound


M. Creek writes:

It took nearly a week, but finally there is one thing that House Republicans and Democrats have been able to agree upon during this federal shutdown. That one thing, passed by a vote of 407-0, is that the furloughed federal employees, who have not been to work this week, should be paid for the time they are not at work!

Wait, it gets even better. What does Sen. Reid have to say about this? He says “It’s really cruel to tell workers they’ll receive back pay once the government opens and then refuse to open the government.” In other words, it is cruel to tell people not to come to work, tell them they will be paid for the time that do not come to work, and then wait until they do come back to work before paying them. What a life a person must lead in order to consider such a situation “really cruel”.


WI writes:

Essentially they’ve put everyone on paid vacation, with payment as soon as the vacation is over. Even more absurd–the next government payday is next week, on October 11th. So thus far, government workers have been on paid vacation for the past four days, have not missed a paycheck, and are pretty likely not to miss one. So they’re definitely getting free vacation time, with the only cost being: a possibly late paycheck. And when we consider that the longest government shutdown in recent history was three weeks, “really cruel” does suggest a certain amount of melodrama.

I think most people would take it, overall. Paychecks a week or two late, but you don’t actually have to work to get them? Not too bad a deal by any measure.

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