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Shutdown Continues


Of course the facts of the shutdown are these:

1. Either side could restart the government immediately.

2. The Democrats are not doing it because they want money for Obamacare.

3. The Republicans are not doing it because they don’t want to approve money for Obamacare.


Teresa writes:

Mark Levin stated the following: “Imagine the power the government would have today – let’s pretend it’s ten years from now and Obamacare is fully in place and there’s a legitimate fight over spending and taxing…and there’s a government shutdown… Do you know what a president like Obama would do?

He’d start cutting off your health care to force you to capitulate to his demands. Oh yes! They’d start shutting down hospitals, refusing to pay doctors and nurses, refusing to approve prescriptions. Because that’s where we’re headed, to the complete iron-fisted control of our health care. Can you imagine the kind of power they’d have over us then?

It’s certainly one of the reasons we must resist now.”

M. Creek writes:

A more nuanced view of #2 and #3 from your list has now emerged.

2*: The Democrats want to first fund everything. After that, they want to talk about which specific parts they may want to remove.

3*: The Republicans want to first fund nothing. After that, they want to talk about which specific parts that may want to restore.

Obamacare is a specific, albeit by far the most significant, example of a part that the Democrats do not want to remove and the the Republicans do not want to restore.

WI writes:

Another thought: the Constitution lays out a process by which the government passes laws, requiring a majority of both the House and the Senate, as well as presidential assent. This suggests that the intent behind the Constitution would be that our Federal Government would only pass laws which enjoy a broad base of support, both among the legislators and the public. When this idea is neglected, when 51% of the population conspires to cram a major law down the throats of the other 49%, the result is discord, division.

But of course you will never hear any significant voice among the mainstream media expressing this idea–that the gridlock in Washington D.C., ultimately resulting in this shutdown, is at root the fault of those who would enact major legislation, substantively changing the character of our nation, in the absence of a broad base of popular support.

Liberals may take comfort in the idea that those who oppose them seem to be in the minority, and even dwindling, given our on-going demographic changes. But it does not change the fact that with the Obamacare law–which substantially changes our national character–that they value the satisfaction of seeing their will carried out, much more than they value harmony. The fact that so many on the left give no consideration to this idea suggests that the very nature of liberalism, rather than being about kindness or tolerance, is really about one thing: power.

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