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Moral Inversion

Liberalism can be considered a near-total inversion of the moral order. They may (rightly) object to criminal behavior, but what follows closely behind is a bevy of hand-wringing questions which belies their moral indignation:

Was he (the perpetrator) oppressed in any way? Was he discriminated against? Does the crime represent any form of officially ‘bad’ discrimination? Was it a black-on-white crime? (The black-on-white aspect of a crime is considered a mitigating factor.)

Has a man accomplished a good thing, built up a wealthy business or professional practice? Punish him at all costs! Tax him! Ensure the next dollar earned is as near-totally taken as possible! More than that, disparage him. Cry aloud to the whole world of his selfishness.

Is there a happy family, with babies crying and children laughing? Does Daddy preside with gentleness? Has Mommy just brought him toast and coffee? How bourgeoise! What chauvenism! How heteronormative! Are they Christians, just back from church? How close-minded, how bigoted, how backwards and out-of-date!

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