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A Liberal by any Other Name . . .

CNN featured an opinion piece entitled “Hey atheists, let’s make a deal” this weekend. The author, Rachel Held Evans, makes an appeal that both Christians and atheists overlook the heated, often silly, rhetoric from the likes of Richard Dawkins and Pat Robertson. Fair enough. I read this article and it has bothered me since. It’s so obviously silly, such an obvious piece of common sense that most of us already take that stance.  Also, as examples of Christians, she had included Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert.

Why even publish such fluff?

I think part of the reason is that liberals are very caught up with the language of peace, and have a sort-of fetish for insubstantial, even disingenuous overtures of “compromise.” In any contentious situation, they will always lead the way with a call for “conversation,” for a “process,” for “understanding.”

But underneath it all you may be sure that they are continuing to pursue their aims. For example, I think what ultimately troubles me about articles like this one is that Rachel Held Evans–God bless her–is not an orthodox Christian. I’m sure she’s a Nice Person, and I’m sure that she drinks coffee very thoughtfully, and probably has a fairly clean apartment. But she is not representative of the Christian, traditionalist right. She is, make no mistake, already on the other side. For example, in another article she addresses the question of why millennials are leaving the church. She concludes that is because “they don’t find Jesus there,” but when listing examples, she is clear–they don’t want predetermined answers; they want their LBGT friends to be welcomed; they want greater respect for science; they want  more care for the poor and oppressed.

In short, her premise is that millennials are leaving Christianity because the Christians aren’t good democrats.

And I would expect (inferring) that as part of her “deal” with atheists, we would be expected to, you know, just make a few simple changes:

-stop condemning sodomy
-stop objecting to the teaching of evolution as fact
-support our nation’s swing toward socialism (yay poverty!)
-stop all this pesky talk about Christ as savior, as necessary

More to follow. Article like this just reinforce the lesson–whenever you see a major liberal media organ such as CNN purporting to be part of a peace process, or making a claim for conversation, or discussing “authentic” anything, or using the word “community”–be wary.


WI adds:

One last, somewhat petty note. The reason I linked to her wikipedia profile, rather than her blog, is that her blog is like her thinking:  disjointed.

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