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“God Has Spoken”

Occasionally you will hear Christians refer to the works of God like so: “God has spoken,” “God has ordained,” or “God has worked.” ┬áThere is a mystical quality to the phraseology. I used to have an atheist friend who hated it. He thought it was an affectation. “It just sounds so put-on,” he would tell me, “so la-di-da.”

In reality, of course, it is just a matter of grammar. It is just the present perfect simple tense. In this tense, the action began in the past, and has carried through into the present. So when I say, “Through the Bible, God has spoken to us,” I am saying that God’s speaking began in the past, but is no less real in the present. Which, of course, is true. To speak thus is not affectation, just clarity.

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