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What Will Happen in Syria?

The contemporary wisdom is that most Americans are opposed to any new wars, including the bombing of Syria’s chemical weapons facilities. Generally speaking, I am with them. Enough of mucking around in the Middle East.  But I think it’s overly simple to be “pro-intervention” or “nonintervention.”

Ultimately, we don’t really have any true friends in the Middle East, Israel notwithstanding.  I have no access to any special data, but it seems that Obama’s great Arab Spring has given rise to “revolutionaries” whose efforts to overthrow dictators are directed at ultimately emplacing new “democratically elected” dictators whose chief job consists of strictly enforcing the Sharia law, denouncing infidels and occasionally beheading a woman whose burka slipped and showed her ankle.

It’s not entirely clear to me that Assad actually was responsible for the use of sarin gas that the president says killed over 1400 people. Rush Limbaugh, Tuesday, I believe, quoted an article reporting on Russian claims that the rebels actually were behind the attacks. The logic is clear. Assad doesn’t really have a reason to use chemical weapons, but the rebels certainly gain in bringing the USA into the fray, even if more against Assad than for them specifically.

The primary issue, I think, is really getting clarity on the facts of the matter. How ironic that in the information age, all we really have to go one are news reports, and that somehow in the ruckus and noise of it all, facts–actually facts–are left almost entirely out of the public debate. Not that I would be–in principle–against the use of bombing or tomahawk missiles to attenuate a villain’s supply and ability to use such weaponry. I don’t have a lot of faith in the concept of a world community, but it seems that strongly condemning and punishing the use of WMD’s is something that we all all more-or-less can agree on. I don’t think we should be the world’s police, but if we have to draw a line somewhere (and, by the way, we do) that acting against those who are using these terrible weapons is a good starting point.

The problem is that, in the age of lies, principles only get you so far. So we should do something. What? To whom?

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  1. Teresa Trapper wrote:

    You make a good point about the “facts”….we don’t know many facts about this Syria stuff at all.

    Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

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